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Amateur cheesecake photographer from the South of England. Penchants for analogue and nudity.
Ceci n'est pas un blog. ↘

Hey guys, 

Here is a link to my personal blog which I use a little more frequently than this one. If you like pole dancing, sad music, gifs and other tasty tidbits then you might just like it. 



Anonymous asked: Amateur? You don't seem amateur at all. Your photos are breathtaking. If I didn't know better I'd call you a professional! It's that high of a level of quality. Is that you in the profile picture by the way? I'm just curious xD Tata!

Oh thank you! This is so sweet :)

That is in fact Octavia in my icon (who I will be uploading some more shots of later hopefully.) There are plenty of photos of myself floating around on this blog too, and on my personal tumblr which is

If you guys were a fan of my previous photos of Octavia

You are going to love the next shoot. 

Photos will be up within the week! I’m so excited to show you.